EMBA Program Feature

  • World class faculty

    Our faculty members have extensive experience in teaching and mentoring senior executives. They also maintain their expertise on contemporary business trends and practices by proactively engaging as researchers and consultants to leading companies. We can ensure that our students benefit from invaluable real-world business and management insights and immerse in a thoroughly engaging and productive learning environment.

  • Global perspective curriculum

    Capitalizing on Hong Kong’s unique strategic location as a springboard to the world and a gateway to China, our curriculum uniquely incorporates both Asian and Western approaches to business. This is made possible by our international group of faculty, global field trip studies, and our strategic partnerships with the world’s leading institutes. Moreover, our bilingual learning environment enables students to access and understand both Chinese and western management practices seamlessly.

  • Residential Life Focused learning

    The program offers to stay in campus apartment or hotel during the class period. This aims to enhance the sharing and discussion among the students, as well as providing an intellectual environment for focused learning. We encourage the exchange of knowledge and creative thoughts not just among students, but with faculty and visiting scholars from all over the world.


Sixteen-month program offering a complete and clear learning blueprint.

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Program Faculty

Our faculty members have extensive teaching experience and maintain their expertise on contemporary business trends by collaborating with leading companies.

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Field Trip Studies

THREE field trip studies to Asia, United States and Europe.

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