Roadmap to Learn - Leading & Exceeding

The key to staying competitive as a leader in a constantly changing world is a capacity to extend and exceed oneself, continuously. There are THREE structured ways to build leadership capacity. The program takes 360° to review students’ leadership styles and pledges to coach students on how to maximize their leadership potential through Action Learning Workshops, Business Simulations and Leadership Reflection Workshop.




  • Team building - Action Learning Workshop

    Students are encouraged to participate in various team building activities to learn how to appreciate differences, create trust and build team spirits.

  • Competing and Collaborating - Business Simulation

    Through business simulation, students will not only have the opportunity to integrate what they have learned, but also polish their skills on how to collaborate under competitive settings, eventually hone their leadership capacity.

  • Reflecting - Leadership Reflection Workshops

    Students will be given a comprehensive and objective diagnosis of their personal leadership style by various leadership and learning style assessment tools, ultimately aiming to expand their capacity to lead.