Q.1 When is the new intake scheduled?

The 2021 intake will commence in October 2021 and now open for application.

Q.2 Where will the class be held?

Residential modules will be conducted at HKUST campus. Global Study Tour will be held at partnership institutions.

Q.3 Normally how many students are there in each class?

Admission to the HKUST EMBA Program is based on a meticulous selection process and only about 50-60 top students, of a diverse range of background, are admitted each year.

For more information, please refer to “Student Profile”.

Q.4 What are the requirements for admission?

Applicants must:

  1. Possess a bachelor's degree from a recognized university or an approved institution, or possess recognized professional qualifications equivalent to a degree
  2. Have at least 8 years of significant full-time work experience subsequent to obtaining a bachelor's degree or professional qualification
  3. Hold a senior management position within the company

For more information, please refer to “Admission Qualification”.

Q.5 Who are faculty members?

Our faculty members have extensive teaching experience. They maintain their expertise on contemporary business trends by collaborating with leading companies. We can ensure that our students benefit from invaluable real-world business and management insights.

For more information, please refer to “EMBA Program Faculty”.

Q.6 What are the differences between the faculty of Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Program and the HKUST EMBA Program?

HKUST EMBA Program incorporates the teaching experiences and world-class faculty of one of the very best EMBA programs in the world: the Kellogg–HKUST EMBA Program. We offer internationally-renowned scholars with rich China management experiences, and a content based on advanced management knowledge and techniques and how they can be adapted to Asian and Chinese business practices.

The HKUST EMBA for Chinese Executives will also invite outside experts, scholars and business leaders to share their management experiences and practices, so students can gain a broad, current perspective on global business practices (e.g. Corporate Governance, Crisis Management, Risk Management, etc.).

For more information, please refer to “EMBA Program Faculty”.

Q.7 Who should be enrolling in this course?

HKUST EMBA program is specifically designed for Chinese speaking executives and entrepreneurs in Asia and the Greater China. We aim to set new standards for business education by enabling business leaders to develop truly global perspectives on the world economy. With this as a foundation leaders can hone their leadership capacity for all contexts.

Commitment is important in taking this program since one can foresee the tight schedule senior executives faces at all times, it will be extremely difficult for students to complete the program without commitment in having to attend all classes.

Q.8 What is the medium of instruction of the program?

Teaching materials are provided in both Chinese and English. Classes are conducted in Putonghua, or in English with Putonghua interpretation.

For more information, please refer to “EMBA Program Arrangements”.

Q.9 How frequent are we going to meet for class?

The program lasts for 16 months; students will attend one module per month in 4 consecutive days (normally from Thursday to Sunday).

For more information, please refer to “EMBA Program Arrangements and Program Fee”.

Q.10 What are the duration of each class?

In general, the class comprises of a 7-hour day, normally from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm for 4 consecutive days each module. Time of class may vary based on the requirement of faculty. There are assigned time for lunch and tea breaks in between.

Q.11 What are the difficulties most students encounter?

  1. Time – most of our students are very busy executives. Hence coming to class is a big commitment for them. They are, however, very satisfying and grateful once they can make it through the program.
  2. Some of our students have left school for such a long time, they may have a minor adaptation problem when they have to come to class on a regular basis. Most students are able to adjust within 2-3 modules of study.
  3. Some students may encounter language problem with foreign professors when they want to ask questions during class. This problem can be solved through the help of our interpreter.

Q.12 What do I have to do in preparing for interview? Who am I going to meet? What is the application procedure?

During interview, you are going to meet our Admissions Committee and HKUST EMBA Program management team. There will be questions concerning your academic background and profession. We will also look into your language proficiency and caliber.

In most cases, no English test will be conducted during our interview and interview will be conducted in Mandarin.

For more information, please refer to the section “Application and Admission Procedure”.

Q.13 Is there entry exam? If yes, what is the content?

Yes, there is entry exam which will be arranged on the same day as the interview. The exam will be focused on general mathematics, analysis and comprehension. The performance of the entry exam will be considered as one of the admission factors.

The exam includes three parts to be completed in 1.5 hours. Examination content and format are as follow:

 Examination contentFormat
Part 1 General Mathematics Multiple Choices
Part 2 Information utilization, logical reasoning, reading comprehension Multiple Choices
Part 3 Analysis Essay

Q.14 What do we do in class?

Besides teaching, we may also have discussion for cases (that require pre-reading); pre-courses quiz and/or final quiz. Group work, games and simulation exercises will also be conducted during classes. Class participation is essential for your own learning and benefit and is strongly recommended for all modules.

For more information, please refer to “EMBA Roadmap to learn”.

Q.15 What if I do not have a degree? What if I have less than 8 years of experience? Are there any exceptions?

We select each candidate based on caliber, education level, work experience and an overall performance of the candidates.

Some applicants who that do not possess a degree, he/she will need to attend extra class and sit for an entry examination. His/Her application will require the approval from the University Admission Committee. There are limited enrollments for applicants who do not have a degree each year and the University Admission Committee will select the candidate based on work experience and other factors.

There are cases where young applicants who have achieved senior positions in multi-national firm (with less than 8 years of work experience), they have had no problem in their studies.

We also select candidates based on the industry that they are in as our program concerns the mix of students, we want to bring the best mix to the class so that our students will be benefited from experience and stories from different industries.


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