Roadmap to Learn - Advancing

THREE C Concept – Creativity Management, Cross-cultural Management and Capital Management. The program leverages local insights of Hong Kong - the free market policies, the rule of law, the free flow of information and cultural diversity to enrich students with business insights in a global context and to develop alternative visions for the future.

Creativity Management: Transforming Business through Innovation

  • Technology and Knowledge Management

    Rapid technological advancements create opportunities for transforming business models and changing the competition landscape. This module gives students an overview of how firm's innovation and development can be impacted by technology.

  • Innovation Management

    This module aims to provide a holistic overview of how global firms can be visionaries in their field, and illustrate what the real and practical management challenges can be when trying to incubate and implement new ideas.

Cross-cultural Management: Managing the Integration of East and West

  • Cross-cultural Decision Making

    Globalization has created a new kind of work place, where, culturally diverse groups of people work together. This module critically examines concepts of culture and cross-cultural management, enables students to think broadly about how to manage and embrace cultural differences in ways that leverage diversity for business growth.

  • Cross-cultural Communication

    This module elaborates cross-cultural communication strategies and explore how to cope with the challenges in communicating people from different countries and achieve the best integration of the East and the West

Capital Management: Managing Capital for Strategic Growth

  • Global Macroeconomics

    This module takes a critical look at a wide range of macro topics, such as world economic cycles, monetary policies and international relations. It also specifically analyses how the rapid growth of Chinese enterprises is shaping the landscape of global marketplace.

  • Corporate Governance

    Drawing on Hong Kong's corporate governance experience, this module illustrates how governance structures lay down rules for decision-making and distribute rights and responsibilities between different stakeholders. It also addresses the governance risks inherent in operating global businesses.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Engaging in cross-border M&A activities is one of the main strategies for the businesses growth and accelerating global expansion. This module examines global M&A transactions from multiple perspectives – strategic, financial and legal - to provide students with a holistic view of how M&A promotes corporate growth.